For Landlords

If you’re a current landlord reading this, then chances are you may be fed up with various negative aspects of the private property rental market that affect you and your property! The old glory days in the sector are for many, a distant memory.

Poor overall returns, voids, high management costs, frequent tenant turnover, problem tenants and general stress! Perhaps you have also found yourself in a negative equity situation where selling is unfortunately not an option and the monthly payments are now nothing but a burden.

Here at RLS Estates we have fantastic long-term solutions available for both current landlords and property owners. For suitable properties in our key areas we can offer you very competitive guaranteed rent every month for periods from 2 years right up to 6 years. Imagine that, a guaranteed fixed sum every month for the next 6 years without the headache of managing your property anymore! Long term cash flow fulfilled through your asset.

Our legal agreements are carefully tailored between us and yourself to ensure the perfect fit for what you are looking to achieve by working with us. Rest assured our contracts are scrutinised & bolstered by our legal team to ensure that what we have in place is legal & just.

Some possible features which can be negotiated in our legal agreements:

  • The option for us to buy your property at the end of the fixed R2R period. A fixed monthly return for you with a lump of cash waiting a few years down the line, pretty impressive!
  • The option to return your property back to its original state at the end of the fixed R2R period.
  • The option for us to leave you with an up and running HMO business at the end of our contract.


Some of you may be thinking all this is too good to be true! Well it’s all firmly within the realms of what we can offer you.

If you would like to make a tentative enquiry please get in touch. We look forward to discussing the possibilities of being able to stabilise your property returns once again.

A meeting with a professional from RLS is free, relaxed and of course no obligation. We also endeavour to meet you at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

For HMO Owners

Do you own a property which you’re currently operating as an HMO? If you’re becoming disillusioned with the management of this business we’d love to speak to you. We me may be able to help find a solution that will work for you. We will come and carry out an appraisal on your HMO at your convenience.

After assessing the property in depth we may be able to offer a solution based on your wants and needs. These solutions are most commonly either a quick hassle free purchase via RLS Investing, or we may be able to take over the running of your HMO by means of a R2R legal agreement over a fixed term via RLS Estates. So whether you are looking to free up the equity you have in the property or to regain cash flow, let us see what we can do for you.

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(RLS Estates is the Property Management branch of our business & is a trading name of RLS Investing LTD)