Who are we?

RLS Investing LTD is an East-Anglian based company that was born from an all-out passion for the property business! Our Founder and Director started his personal property journey back in 2009 as a young man during the financial crash, fast forward to 2018 and RLS Investing LTD was formed.

The property business has seen many changes in the recent past, it’s a business that will continue to evolve and only become more competitive. As a company we strive to always be ahead of the general curve of traditional property investors. Due to our affiliation with some of the current top property minds in the UK we are able to bring cutting edge strategies that produce profit to the table. We exist to actively seek out the exciting and prosperous property investment and development deals in East Anglia.

Whether you are yourself a developer seeking part investment from a joint venture partner or complete project funding, or an investor looking for returns on your capital, RLS Investing LTD can help you. Click on the RLS Investing LTD tab for information on our investment products.

RLS Estates is the property management layer of our business. We are already managing traditional single lets from our own stock, by the end of 2019 we anticipate having upwards of 10 HMO’s under our management in key East-Anglian areas as well. Click on the RLS Estates tab to find out what we can do for you.

Our 6 Core Values:

  1. Value adding
  2. Collaborative
  3. Steadfast
  4. Adaptable
  5. Strategic
  6. Diligent

Vision – Our vision is that RLS conducts itself on our strong specific set of core values, will not waiver from these values. These are the fundamentals for carving huge success in the modern age of the property industry. Our legacy will be that we have raised the living standards for thousands of people in East-Anglia through our projects.

Mission – Our mission is for RLS to lead the way in the East Anglian property investment, development & management market with our innovative, value adding strategies. We’ve been founded on world class property education and have a decade already in property; from this we will deliver prosperity and value for our investors, partners and clients. Our business activities will also be of real value to local communities, many of whom are feeling the effects of a current shortfall in quality housing solutions.

What can RLS Investing do for you?


Whether you’re a sophisticated investor, an ordinary investor or a high net worth individual, the fact is that if you have your capital sat in a bank account idle not working for you it’s a depreciating asset in real terms! Even the best performing savings accounts are generating returns which can only be described as underwhelming.

At RLS we have a range of exciting, cutting edge yet proven property investment strategies available for our potential investors. All of which will be tailored on an individual basis after we have personally got to know you and fully understood what you wish to achieve from investing with us. Please drop us a message to start the conversation which will lead to unbeatable returns on your investment. We have projects which are waiting for your investment!


As a developer there can be many barriers to overcome to bring your development to fruition. At RLS investing we can personally provide or source funding for your development, whether a small renovation or large development project. The benefits of using us are numerous. A large factor that we pride ourselves on is timing; once due diligence is carried out we act quickly to get your project moving with the funds needed. We’re also open to discussing more innovative ways in which we could fund your project and for us to make a return on our own investment.